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Completing the wordpress installation yes, it’s that easy! You will automatically be redirected to a wordpress installation with the woocommerce extension already integrated.Woocommerce control panel you already have your online store ready to configure with your business data. However, Let’s see an example of how it’s done? How to configure your online store in woocommerce with your business information. The tool does everything for you and, at the end of the installation process, automatically redirects you to the.

Control panel so you can start configuring your store with your business data as soon as possible. To do this, woocommerce Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers provides you with a quick start wizard where you can enter all the necessary information. Simply access the wordpress dashboard and click on the purple button that you see at the top “run the setup wizard” and follow these steps. 1. Once you have completed these fields, click on “let’s go!”. However, Set your business data in woocommerce 2. Add the payment methods of your ecommerce what payment methods do you want to offer in your online store (paypal or stripe for card payments, apple pay…)? In the “Offline payments” option you can set other types of payment methods.

Thing is Missing Add

Such as bank transfer, cash on delivery or check. Add payment methods in woocommerce 3. Configure the shipment of your products if you are going to sell physical products on your website, you need to configure the shipments to your customers: shipping costs, units of measurement of the products, areas in which the shipment is not covered. Woocommerce recommendations on this screen, woocommerce recommends certain options and tools that you can integrate into your online store. However, For example, you can select the storefront template for your website design or a statistics tool. However, Woocommerce recommendations 5. Almost done! In this penultimate.

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Step you have the option to activate jetpack in your online store. In case you’ve never used it, jetpack is a mega-plugin. However, It is a single plugin that integrates a lot of features for your website, which you can activate or deactivate as needed. Using jetpack in your online store can be a plus for the management and security of your website. However, You will have available activity alerts, statistics, integration of your store with social networks… For many users, jetpack is the solution to everything they need, it has so many options and features that it is the best option for their website. But not everything is rosy. Being such a complete plugin, it is possible that if you do not take full advantage of its functionalities, you are consuming resources in vain. And you already know that this can very negatively affect the performance of your.

The Products You Want to Sell

Online store. If you have never used it before and want to know a little more about how jetpack works , this guide can help you. Activar jetpack con woocommerce 6. We’re done! Woocommerce already has almost all the information related to your business, so now it’s time to start selling online. But beware, the thing does not end here. Just as it happens in a physical store, where you need to configure your shelves or windows with the products you are going to sell and their prices, it works exactly the same in woocommerce. However, You just need to upload the products you want to sell, add a short description and the price. However, Next we see how it is done.

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