Analyze all kinds of fresh food e-commerce models, which one is the best for grocery shopping?

Under the epidemic, consumers have developed the habit of placing orders online, which has accelerated the penetration rate of fresh food e-commerce, and the fresh food e-commerce platform of instant delivery has ushered in explosive growth.

The explosion of orders has also highlighted the supply chain layout and insufficient transportation capacity of fresh food e-commerce companies.

 Fresh food e-commerce business model

At this stage, the fresh food e-commerce industry is in a situation of coexistence of multiple business models. There are mainly four forms, namely front-end warehouse, warehouse-store integration, community group purchase and platform-to-home model .

Among them, the integration of front warehouse and store warehouse is mainly located in first- and second-tier cities, and the consumers are mainly white-collar workers in first- and second-tier cities.

The community group buying model mainly meets the needs of users in the sinking market .

Front warehouse

The front-end warehouse model is represented by Oman Phone Number Dingdong grocery shopping and Daily Youxian, which refers to the establishment of a few hundred square meters of front-end warehouses in core business districts and communities based on the city center warehouse according to the order density, so as to meet the requirements of the surrounding radius of 3 kilometers. The fresh purchase demand of domestic users.

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When users place an order online, the goods will be picked, packaged and delivered from the nearest front warehouse. The whole process is usually completed within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

It mainly meets the needs of consumers in middle and high-tier cities for convenience (fast) and healthy (good) fresh groceries.


Warehouse and store integration

The integration of store and warehouse is the “store + home” model, which includes two types of online-to-offline extension and offline supermarket opening to home business. The former is represented by Hema Xiansheng and 7Fresh, and the latter is represented by Yonghui Supermarket, Home Jiayue is the representative.

In this model, there are many warehouses in the front and the back. The store is not only a retail store, but also plays the role of online warehousing and distribution. Consumers can either go to the physical store for in-store shopping, or place an order through the online platform. The platform provides delivery within 1 hour. Goods-to-home service, serving users 1-3 kilometers around the store.


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