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Promoting posts on social media. Investing in sponsored links. Etc. When deciding on your goal. Keep in mind that it needs to make sense for your business model. Be attainable and measurable. Any mistake in the definition can jeopardize the entire strategy. 2. Choice of kpis with the objective defined. It’s time to choose the indicators responsible for measuring the success or failure of your strategy. Kpis. Or key performance indicators . Are responsible for measuring whether a strategy or action is working and helping the brand to achieve its goals. For example. If your goal is linked to increasing organic traffic. A valid indicator is the number of visits to your blog or website. Remember that these indicators need to make sense for your business. As all the following steps will depend on them. 262 3. Persona creation for your marketing plan to work.

It is not enough just to have well-defined goals. It is also necessary to know the user profile you hope to achieve in order to detail how the actions will be put into practice. It is for this reason that the creation of the persona cannot be left out of your strategic plan. Also known as an avatar. The persona is a representation of your ideal buyer and brings together demographic and behavioral characteristics such as gender. Age. Position. Consumption habits. Hobbies. Lifestyle and challenges faced. With this data. You can define the best tone of voice to interact with the audience. The best tools. The content format. The most efficient design. Among other important details for the success of your strategy. To create a persona. Avoid guesswork. If you already have an online audience.

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Use tools like google analytics and facebook insights to gain access to real data about your audience. It is also worth analyzing the audience of competitors and even doing Hungary phone number research with your target audience. 4. Choosing the most appropriate strategy with your persona defined. The next step is to choose and describe which strategies will be developed to achieve the objectives. As we have already shown. There are dozens of marketing strategies that you can implement in your business. But the choice needs to be made very carefully. In order not to make a mistake at this stage. Take into account your goals and the persona profile. Choosing the strategy that is most adapted to the audience you want to reach and that can help you achieve your goals. 5. Creation of the action plan now that you know which marketing strategy will be implemented.

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Try to structure it in detail. It is important to define the best content formats that will be created. The volume and frequency of production of these materials and the distribution channels. Then list all the resources needed to get these tasks done and the timeframe for completing each of them. Organize everything into an editorial schedule or calendar so the entire team has access to this data. But don’t get too hung up on deadlines or budgets. Your stock plan can and should change according to circumstances. So update it whenever necessary. 6. Measurement of results last but not least. It’s time to track the results of your marketing strategy. Do you remember that one of the criteria for choosing an objective for your strategy was that it be measurable? This helps to determine if results have been achieved and if any processes need improvement.

As A Set Of Actions

Whenever you complete an important task or action. Evaluate all the numbers. Compare them with previous results and identify any points for improvement. In this way. It is easier to repeat the successes and avoid the mistakes made. How to work with digital marketing? As you can see. Digital marketing is an extremely promising area. Showing constant growth in recent years. And because it is such a diverse area. Digital marketing also presents a multitude of possibilities for professional activity. Such as: social media management; content production; digital influencer; paid traffic; data marketing; digital producer and affiliate of digital products. The professional who wants to work in this area needs to develop some skills that will help him stand out and succeed in the market. Such as: ability to adapt .

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