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We can’t control the distractions thrown at us, but we can control how we deal with them. In a digital first world you have to develop new routines that ensure that you stay in balance. “Don’t let society or algorithms strip away your imagination, individuality or potential”, Solis concludes his keynote.

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Being Lucky As a Skill

Busch gives more tips that you can use privately and at work to steer towards more happiness. I would like to highlight two. First the chasing hooks tactic. When you introduce yourself to a (new) business relationship, you both often say your name and your title. While there is a Taiwan Phone Number very good chance that you could mean a lot more to each other if you knew more about each other. So why not share some more relevant info? You can then give the other party a greater chance of finding a parenthesis. An example: “I am Kim, a marketing advisor at a tech company in Veenendaal and a freelance copywriter and I am now working on a book about marketing in healthcare.” It’s much more likely now that someone will say, “Gosh, is healthcare interested? I worked at a hospital in Utrecht three years ago and I still have a lot of contact with…”.

In fact, we also just need a bit of luck to survive as ordinary people in a world where tech developments go faster than I can eat a bag of chips. What if being lucky wasn’t just a coincidence, but a skill you could master? dr. Christian Busch, best-selling author, explains how that works.

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After All, They Are Already

Serendipity is unexpected good luck that results from unpland moments in which proactive decisions and actions lead to positive outcomes. 

You can steer at moments of happiness. For example, Apple consciously facilitates this for their employees. They do that as follows. The coffee corner is located in the middle of Apple’s headquarters, so that everyone in the company has to get their daily cup of coffee there. This increases the chance that you will bump into a colleague that you do not normally speak. These chance encounters are also stimulated by the layout of the mailboxes. It’s very random, so there’s a good chance you’ll bump into a colleague who normally doesn’t speak to you much or at all. That creates all kinds of opportunities (for more luck).

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