Both Platforms Offer A Wide Selection Of Templates

Shopify offers its users 73 different themes (9 free and 64 premium) with attractive modern graphics. You find them classified into different categories, such as by industry, design style, number of products and product page features.

PrestaShop, on the other hand, offers more than 2,400 templates (all for a fee) . They are divided according to categories such as industry, language, type of developer or features included.

The main difference between the themes you find on the two platforms. Is that Shopify’s themes don’t require updates and you don’t have to make sure. They’re compatible with the version of the software you have installed.

Those from PrestaShop, on the other hand

Are highly customizable , but you will have to hire a developer to take care of the technical part. Alternatively, you will have to learn the PHP language to modify the template without introducing fatal errors.
3. Shopify or PrestaShop? Choose based on ecommerce features

Both Shopify and PrestaShop offer the Bolivia Phone Numbers basic features needed to build a brand and start a successful online store: tools to manage orders, process payments, manage product availability, suggested items for upselling and cross-selling and basic analytics.

You can also download add-ons, modules or applications by purchasing them separately on the marketplace of each platform.

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For example, if you have created an online store

On Shopify and want to add a system for dropshipping , all you have to do is go to the Shopify App Store and download one of the free or paid Shopify apps like DSers .

Currently the Shopify App Store offers over 5,000 applications and add-ons to help you boost your logistics, manage your store’s SEO optimization , create a marketing strategy , improve the shopping experience, increase the conversion rate of your store. your shop and so on.

PrestaShop also boasts a large marketplace of free and paid add-ons (or modules) designed for many different purposes: for example, to add new payment methods, manage SEO and improve the shopping cart section of your store.

PrestaShop modules are easy to use, but keep in mind that they are programmed by different developers and may not be compatible with each other . In this case you will have to rely on a programmer to synchronize them, while on Shopify all the apps are already compatible.


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