Create Gift Packs You Can Partner with Some Other

Create gift packs or simply create your own. Put a gift voucher in the box of chocolates or the envelope that accompanies the bouquet of flowers. Include an extra bonus when you send a package or coupons for trial products. 10. Create unique experiences Many people look for experiences, far beyond simple gifts. Help your clients offer unique experiences such as a DIY or do it yourself craft class, a cooking workshop or a massage course for couples.

These Events Not Only Increase

Your sales during this time, but also encourage referrals when your customers talk about what an amazing Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number they had. Also, don’t forget the power of social media as a recommendation tool. Prepare a special set or create a challenge for this day to give it more publicity. 11. Create a gift guide Include your best products in a gift guide. You can use a mix of your own products or include related products. Gift guides help your customers choose the most suitable for those dates when you don’t even know what to give, as is the case of Valentine’s Day.

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This Is a Good Way to Promote

Especially if you work with an affiliate program . Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Heart 12. Celebrate the love for your customers Not all businesses lend themselves to being able to offer Valentine’s gifts. So, you always have the opportunity on these dates to celebrate the love for your clients: Offer discounts for your customers to buy for themselves. Give additional points or rewards to members of your loyalty program. Segment your database to encourage people who haven’t bought lately to come back with a subject like “We miss you” or “Don’t keep breaking our hearts.”

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