Express “professional households” start a new business

Different from the situation of many people who frequently Poland Phone Number step on the pit for the first time, the young couple’s startup at school was not smooth sailing.

The express station business has a low unit price and mainly depends on the volume, so the location of the store is particularly important. How to consider it? Two points:

one is that there are too many people, and the other is that these people have to love online shopping.

The only thing that needs to be configured later is the equipment. Which mainly consists of shelves, cameras, scanners and printers. As well as some trivial items such as paper, pens and calculators.

Because the decoration fee and rent are omitted. And the personnel are only two, so the initial investment in addition to the equipment is a few thousand franchise fees. And the total cost is more than 10,000.

Another point that needs to be added is that the school originally had two other express delivery stations,

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but unfortunately they closed down because the single volume could not support the cost of the store. Leaving only Xiaoyu and the others. The reason why Xiaoyu and their courier station survived is mainly because they saved costs in the store.

In fact, the reason why Xiaoyu’s business has been so successful is not entirely because the teachers helped to bear their up-front costs, and another important reason is that they have no labor costs.

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