Grand Opening of Taipei Pop Music Center Five Highlights  Belau Four Treasures

I hope everyone can find their own music in this base.” Huang Yunling, chairman of the Taipei Pop Music Center and also a senior musician. Said that the Taipei Pop Music Center. Which had been delayed for half a year, opened its performance hall in September. On September 5. “Hi! The opening concert of “North Stream”, inviting Yu Dingyi, Xu Jiaying, Wei Ruxuan and Lou Junshuo as guest performers. Will be the best pop music base in Asia.

From the idea preparation completion of construction to the opening

The Taipei Pop Music Center (Beiliu). Which Kuwait Phone Number has gone through 17 years, is the first exclusive performance venue for pop music in Taiwan that can accommodate 6,000 people, including performance, technology, industrial development and talent training. One function, three venues, performance hall, cultural center, industrial area and outdoor performance space. Will become the heart of Taiwanese pop music, and will become the temple of Asian pop music. Huang Yunling believes that these three venues represent the past. Wresent and future of pop music.

Everyone is working hard I can feel that this place is full

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Of sweat, tears, quarrels, and blessings from many people. I will try my best to accomplish my goals with everyone and work hard.” Huang Yunling emphasized that she took over with a service mentality. , study hard and do something for the music industry. “I hope to bring together Taiwan’s pop music talents, attract more creators to come, and make the cross-border energy more concentrated in the Taiwanese cultural circle.”

Taipei Pop Music Center is the first pop music center funded by the government in Asia. It is a complex park entrusted by the Ministry of Culture to be managed by the Taipei City Government. It is also a functional park that starts from the pop music industry and develops pop culture and lifestyle. It is expected to become a new venue for Taipei concerts and a new base for Asian Chinese pop music after its opening.

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