He Entered the New York Fashion Show and Lived a Fashionable Third Life Nigeria Phone Number

Ye Yide (Kangjian Editorial Department) In September of last year (2019), 74-year-old Lin Jingfu appeared on the New York Fashion Show, one of the four major fashion shows in the world, and became the oldest model on stage. Lin Jingfu is a “fashionable old man”, well-known blogger and YouTuber. “Healthy” ” Vision 2025 International Trend Forum on Aging: Using wisdom to foresee the centenary. New future ” invited lin jingfu to give a keynote. Speech on the theme of “Fashionable third life”. The following is a summary of the speech. What I want to talk about. Today is living a fashionable third life. 

For Me I Was Very Interested in

Aboriginal people in my first life, and because of the relationship between Nigeria Phone Number aboriginal medical care, I understand that treatment is not all, but more important is the front-end “prevention”, which is also the foundation of everything. For me in Second Life, I am a doctor. During my practice, I have learned a lot, especially about the meaning of life. I have gradually come to realize that what makes a person happy is not just about money. , but how do you live the value of your life? arrow_forward_ios understand more Powered by GliaStudio In my second life, I am an obstetrician and gynecologist, and I have delivered countless people; I have also been in the tranquility ward, accompanying my cousin through the last time of my life. I quickly found my purpose in life.

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Activating Brain Physical and Social

Power “Successful aging” the third life should start with enjoyment. Find out where your interests are. And make them your goals in third life. So as to increase the chances of successful aging. Now the average life expectancy of chinese people is 80 years old. But the question is how long do we stay in bed? This represents your healthy life expectancy. Our healthy life expectancy is only over 70 years old. Because according to the statistics of the ministry of health and human services. The average old person is bedridden for 7.3 years. How to avoid bedridden and successful aging. I have concluded that three elements need to be paid attention to—brain power. Physical strength, social strength. 

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