If you are interested in the fascinating and complex world of human resources

People analytics is also used to carry out social analysis and learn about the relationships that are formed between employees, regardless of their hierarchical position. This information can be obtained by analyzing the flow of emails between sender and receiver. As we can see, people analytics is a highly recommended research tool for any human resources department , whether in a large or small organization, which can help us stand out from the rest, providing more value and promoting the growth of both employees. Like the company itself.

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If you are interested in the fascinating and complex world of human resources, we invite you to visit our complete master in talent management and human resources with 60 ects creditsin the next forum we are going to delve into the advantages that you Latvia Phone Number can obtain by applying neuromarketing to your business and how this is a fundamental tool for attracting customers, forming part of one of the main axes that supports the correct development of any company. We must bear in mind that the analysis and interpretation of potential clients can make the difference between a possible sale or the loss of that client.

We must bear in mind that the analysis

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Therefore, we are going to analyze the concept itself and derive its own application. What is neuromarketing? We can define the concept of neuromarketing as a business application discipline. Its objective is to predict the behavior of consumers in the product marketing process. In other words, it consists of applying the technologies derived from neuroscience to the concept of marketing and its use in the company.

All this, with the ultimate goal of carrying out adequate sales management and achieving the desired profit. Neuromarketing will be able to provide information, to have a better understanding of consumer behavior, in the face of possible stimuli derived from advertising, and to achieve more effective decision-making. Inesem business school master of lifelong learning in. Neuromarketing + 60 ects credits more information through its application. It is possible to check the level of attention and the responses. At a sensory level offered by the consumer through its different stimuli. This may be a way of knowing how the

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