Improvements That You Want To Make

g your holiday or that you can repair the damage after your holiday. To avoid that: a short SEO vacation checklist to make sure all you have to do is crawl to the beach or the bar. Became curious? Then read on soon.Then give them a briefing in which you tell them per expertise: what they have influence, what they should pay attention to as soon as they change something, how they can check their work and what conditions a possible change must meet.

To help you on your way, I’ll share a few points for attention per expertise.

content marketer

A content marketer writes a lot of content. But Cyprus Mobile Number does this person also take your SEO strategy into account?There are many areas of expertise that (in)directly influence your SEO performance. Think of expertise such as CRO, UX specialist, developers, content marketers and server administrators. It is important that these specialists are aware of your absence.

Points of attention:

  1. Meta tags: are the right on-page SEO elements included in an article?
  2. Are the correct internal links applied?
  3. Are the correct anchor texts placed?
  4. Is duplicate content taken into account?
  5. Are briefings followed up?

Tools to check this:

  1. Are parts of your website not simply closed to Google (for example via your robots.txt or by means of a meta noindex tag)?
  2. Isn’t a migration initiated without being prepared by an SEO specialist?
  3. Are pages taken offline just like that, without taking any backlinks into account?
  4. web crawler
  5. Website analysis tool such as Ahrefs and Semrush
  •  A web crawler

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Front end developer

A front-end developer has influence on technology and your internal link structure. But does he also take your technical SEO goals into account?

Points of attention:

  1. Are important menus not just changed?
  2. Are there no rendering problems for Google?
  3. Are the core web vital metrics taken into account ?

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