Linkedin Advertising Success With These Steps

You probably mainly use LinkedIn to create your profile and resume, and to view vacancies. But the business platform offers many more possibilities to profile yourself or your company and to reach new customers or employees. For example, with the creation of advertising campaigns. This week’s infographic shows you how to do that successfully using a checklist.

Why advertise?
Creating campaigns on LinkedIn can be interesting for any company or brand, both for sole traders and multinationals. For example, you can increase the awareness of your company, attract more visitors to your website, encourage followers to visit your company page on LinkedIn or highlight a new product or service. The great thing is that, just like with other platforms, you can use target options. This way you can target advertising and reach the right target group.

Get started with a handy step by step plan

Creating a campaign on LinkedIn is not difficult and fortunately does Bahamas Phone Number not take hours of work. And with the infographic below from LinkedIn you will certainly get off to a good start and you will not easily overlook things. The platform takes you step by step in the process of creating a campaign. . You then set up a campaign, in which you select the objective(s) you want to achieve and the format you want to use. For example, choose a sponsored post on your LinkedIn page or an advertisement consisting of a photo or video. When the campaign (settings) are to your liking, you can start defining the target group for your ad. You then link a budget to your campaign and put your ad live.

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It starts with creating and setting up your account

Want to learn more about LinkedIn advertising?
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