Our goal is to treat, care for and pamper the customer to satisfy him

Last february. The maëve beauty institute began its journey. Opened by carolina jiménez as a beauty center whose purpose is to have a pleasant place where when you walk through its doors you feel cared for and pampered.

This center offers a wide variety of aesthetic Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers services to satisfy the well-being and needs of each person. From facial cleansing services to body treatments. Including manicures and makeup. Carolina assures that. Within all the services available on a daily basis. The most demanded are facial radiofrequency. Manicures. Pedicures.


For the future

The initial idea is to grow the business and consolidate itself. Although the current economic and social situation in spain as a result of the covid-19 coronavirus has disrupted its plans.

“Everything will work out. Bu1. Nice to meet you carolina! If that’s okay with you. We’d like to start this interview knowing a little more about you. Why you got into the beauty industry. And how you came to create maëve.

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In her personal case. She already had a taste for everything related to the artistic world when she was little. Which she refined by practicing makeup techniques and other practices that she ended up developing and starting up in her own business.

We would also like to know a little more about the team that surrounds you to carry out the business. How many people currently work with you?

We are three people working

Reviewing the list of services you offer on the website. We see that you cover a wide variety. From facial hygiene services to manicure and pedicure services. What is the service most demanded by customers? Do session bonuses work as expected?

Currently you could say that depending on the time of year. We have bonuses for sessions so that the client who comes regularly has a discount on the service

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