Sin of “irrelevance”: giving importance to small details that do not

have it. Sin of the lesser of two evils: adding, when not necessary, sustainable features to products that are not sustainable. Sin of “lying”: falsifying data, inventing statistics… How to avoid Green Washing and Social Washing? As a company you must generate trust and a positive image for your public. If you use unfair techniques, your brand image or your products may be harmed. Trust is achieved by showing your brand values, putting into practice everything you stand for and being honest and transparent with your consumers. post navigation ← Previous post Next entry → Related Posts RRSS content plan

How to create a social media content plan Digital Strategy ,

Digital Marketing / By Conversion optimization landing pages Conversion optimization landing pages Digital Marketing / By Daniel Urrutia Fundamental metrics Norway Phone Number to analyze Email Marketing Fundamental metrics to analyze Email Marketing Digital Marketing / By Daniel Urrutia Performance Marketing: Results Marketing Performance Marketing: Results Marketing Digital Marketing / By Álvaro García Search To look for: Search recent articles How to maximize the content focus of your reels Avoid problems when promoting giveaways in Facebook Ads Errors to avoid in Google Ads campaigns Suspended account on Amazon. How to reactivate an account in Seller Central Migration to GA4: 

How to Apply to Amazon Accelerator It is necessary to

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request to belong to this program, whether you are a brand or a manufacturer . Those interested must send a series of data and fill out a form that can be found on the Amazon website. Once they accept that request, the brand or manufacturers become an exclusive supplier within the Amazon catalog . That is, they send the product to Amazon warehouses and they would sell it there exclusively. They become a private and exclusive brand of Amazon. The categories for which it is currently available are:

Clothes and accessories Health & Wellness yard home and kitchen industry household tools sport beauty you drink electronics, office supplies feeding personal care pets shoes toys. Amazon Accelerator registration post navigation ← Previous post Next entry → Related Posts How to sell on Ali Express Plaza – Advantages and commissions Marketplaces / By Marta Amazon Vine – Reviews as a marketing tool Marketplaces / By Jordi Pérez How to sell on Facebook Shops Social Media , Marketplaces / By How to do Amazon SEO Marketplaces.

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