Technical SEO: What is it?

Technical SEO: What is it?
Technical SEO is perhaps one of the most neglected aspects when it comes to optimizing a website, since one of. The the most common trends is to focus only on content SEO, something that represents a mistake if you want to get the most out of your website to rank.

And it is that every online site has to attract organic traffic, so it is not enough to just apply the knowledge and basic guidelines of SEO, since to achieve a better position in the SERPs it is essential to apply technical SEO. The a strategy with which you will enhance your chances of appearing in the first options of Google and other search engines.

If you have any doubts related to technical SEO and technical web positioning , in this post we are going to clarify the panorama for. The you in the simplest way possible so that you can better understand the different technical aspects of SEO .


1 Technical SEO What is this about?
2 What objectives does the application of technical SEO pursue?
2.1 Improve the positioning in the SERPs
2.2 Provide the best user experience
3 Technical SEO, what are its main pillars?
3.1 The structure and hierarchy of the website
3.2 The speed with which the website loads
3.3 Responsive design
3.4 Easy and simple indexing

Technical SEO refers specifically to the technical improvements that are made to a website for its optimization. Depending on whether it stands out from the other pages and is among the first options of internet search engines.

By means of these procedures, the contents are properly indexed in the search engines, the architecture is optimized, the web goes faster, etc; which translates directly into an increase in web page traffic, attracting new customers or subscribers, among other benefits that make this investment a higher profit in a not very long term.

What objectives does the application of technical SEO pursue?

The specific objectives that you want to achieve when applying technical SEO depend directly on the type of web page in which it is applied. However, we are going to present you with some general goals of this strategy, such as:

Improve the positioning in the SERPs
Improve positioning in serpsJust as Israel Phone Number traditional SEO uses keywords so that search engines can identify your page as a content provider on a topic, technical SEO also seeks good technical web positioning , thus highlighting not only the content they offer, but all the website as such.

Therefore, when you carry out a good quality technical SEO. The you increase the possibility that the entries to your website, pages, product sheets… manage to be indexed in a favorable position within the main internet search engines.

The Of course, you must not forget that for. This it is essential that you offer original, quality content for users and always under SEO standards.

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Provide the best user experience
Technical SEO in general also wants you to give users the best possible experience, as it is an ideal mechanism to make them stay longer browsing your website. With a rejection rate or bounce rate as low as possible. possible.

Technical SEO, what are its main pillars?

Like any methodology that is applied to web pages, technical SEO focuses on these fundamental pillars:

The structure and hierarchy of the website
Positioning on website with technical SEOEvery website requires a fairly. The clean and clear structure and hierarchy of information, which provides the user with considerable ease of navigation.

Therefore, we recommend that you create a proper hierarchy between the menu pages and the posts, since the more organized the content is. The the more advantageous it is for you and your visitors.

The speed with which the website loads
In technical SEO. The the loading speed of the website is a fundamental element, as this is something that search engines consider.


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