The second is not waiting for “feeding”, but actively “begging”

In the team, I occasionally find that the internal process has stalled at a certain person. At this time, other people ask this person, and this person will question loudly. Why did no one tell me, no one notified me.

When I hear similar rhetoric, I often tell the other person. As a participant in the matter, if no one informs you. You can take the initiative to New Zealand Mobile Number ask them and urge them next time.

Why did you leave?

When I was leaving, a colleague also asked me: What is the reason for leaving. Frankly speaking, I have been thinking about this issue for a long time. After all, I will be 30 years old soon, and it is not a stage of “unhappy today, and flashy tomorrow”.

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I thought about it myself and found two core points. There are serious differences between me and the company, and this irreparable difference is the main reason why I finally decided to leave.

Lack of contract spirit

When I watched “Nine Losses and One Victory” before, I mentioned a little story about the “spirit of contract”: Wang Xing (the boss of Meituan) talked with the members about the distribution ratio of their respective shares when he formed a team in his early years..

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