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In the past studies, it was believed that “Chinese learning relies on the right brain, and English learning relies on the left brain”. Learning Chinese, which has the characteristics of images and belongs to “pictographic” characters, requires the right brain to process “visual” and “spatial” abilities when reading. ; To learn English, you need to use the left brain responsible for processing “language”, because English is a “pinyin” script that connects meaning through sound. But is it really so?

Cross-language brain function research breaks down the myth of left and right brain functions

There are 18 researchers from Taiwan, the United States, Israel and Spain, including Zeng Zhilang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Taiwan, Wu Xian, director of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Central University, Guo Wenrui, former director of the Yangming Neuroscience Institute, and National Taiwan Normal University Educational Psychology and Counseling Associate Professor Li Junren of the Department, formed a multinational research team. After four years, it was proved for the first time that learning Chinese, English, Hebrew and Spanish language, hearing and visual recognition of words all rely on the left-brain operation. In the past, the concept of “Chinese learning relies on the right brain, English learning relies on the left brain”.


In this study, published in

the December 15, 2015 issue of the Qatar Phone Number Proce of the National Academy of Sciences  a total of 84 people from 21 people in one language participated and underwent MRI brain imaging. technology and perform brain photography. The research team analyzed the subjects’ brain imaging and found that no matter what language the subjects used to identify words with auditory and visual sense, the function of the left lower lobe of the left brain was very consistent. There are left and right brains.

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This study is also the first time

to compare cross-national brain imaging with the same experimental procedure for four languages. It is a rare successful example of cross-school, cross-country, and cross-field integration in China.

The research team found that when the human brain. Performs visual reading and auditory reading. Regardless of the type of language. The left hemisphere is used more frequently. As shown in the figure below. Blue is the area where the brain operates. When reading words visually. Green is the area where the brain operates when auditory recognition of words. And purple is the overlapping area. Indicating that the left brain uses a larger area.

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