There Are Various Aspects That Block This Due to Bots

For that, the step you can do is to check the history of your robots.txt file. For example in the robots.txt tester section, you can see a previous version of the file which you can click on and view its contents.

If you click the dropdown, you can see the previous version of the file which you can click on and see its contents.

You can also do this via the wayback machine from which also has a history of the robots.txt file to find out which websites have been crawled. You can click on one of the available dates and view the files available on that date .

Check intermittent blocks
check intermittent blocks
how to fix it?

The solution to fixing intermittent blocks is to


depend on what is causing the problem. For example, the cause is cache. When the current cache is in an active test state, the robots txt file may include a blocking command. And when the cache is in active test mode, the website may already look crawlable. In this case, you can exclude .txt from the test mode cache.

Check user-agent block
user-agent blocks are conditions when a website blocks the Greece Phone Number user-agent as googlebot does. That is, the website detects certain bots and blocks their user-agents.

If you see a website page is in fine condition in the browser but is after blocked changing the user-agent section, it means that the website page has been set as a page to block.

You can define user-agent with the help of chrome devtools

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Another option is to use a browser extension to change the user-agent like this.

How to fix it?
There are various aspects that block this due to bots, from .htaccess, server configuration, firewall, cdn, or even something that your hosting provider may not be able to see and control.

So the solution is that you can contact the hosting service provider or if you are using a cdn, you can ask where the block is coming from and how to fix it.

Examples like these two different ways of blocking the user-agent in ht.access you need to look for:

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