When an Air Strike Occurs the Protagonist of the Namibia Phone Number

Everyday emptiness, numbness, and loneliness are the themes that Sakaguchi writes about most often. None of his characters lead normal, comfortable lives. Rather, they are mostly unemployed, living in no fixed place, and have no purpose in life. For a little pleasure, they drink, go to bed with a woman or a man, indulge in a momentary euphoria, and then move on to the repetitive, empty and lonely days of the day. War, to these people, is like a lightning bolt that can suddenly cut through everyday life. Allow them to regain their senses and feelings about things.


All of a sudden like a long-drowned

Unconscious person, grabs Namibia Phone Number a piece of driftwood. He realized that he was not dead yet. But although the war brought these people back to consciousness, it was not the real redemption. These protagonists often only realize after the air strikes that war is sometimes just a bigger toy or a drug than their own body, or a good drama. Allow them to indulge in more intense ups and downs and plausible enjoyment. “War is like a dream”. The fall reflects the lack of desire. And it is precisely because people don’t know what to pursue that they become degenerate and choose decadence.

Therefore although watching

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The scene of war can also constitute a kind of sensual satisfaction, it also has a situation that makes people have to get rid of this satisfaction. Because if you don’t run away quickly, you may be killed by standing there. . But on the one hand, they were surprised to find themselves fleeing with the masses involuntarily when the moment of desire to die came. War makes people face such a contradiction and makes them realize that there is something else besides decadence and depravity. The depression of life makes people want to seek death, but at the same time desperately try to survive in the slit. 

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