Why is it difficult for “SaaS+” startups to succeed?

Here is an inappropriate example to compare the two. If SaaS is likened to a wheel, +SaaS is like putting a wheel on an object to make it run faster. SaaS+, on the other hand, is like holding a wheel, regardless of whether it is suitable for the current road conditions, and whether it will really run faster.

Logically speaking, +SaaS starts from the end and gradually approaches the goal; while SaaS+ starts from the beginning and gradually explores the goal. The results of SaaS startups in the two directions may be quite different.

Why is it said that +SaaS startups are easier to succeed?

First of all, where to start a business, you must first have a clear goal. +SaaS is problem-oriented, and it is clear what problems to solve and how to solve them. The so-called +SaaS is nothing more than the application of the SaaS Afghanistan Phone Number model and logic to the problem-solving framework.

Because there is a goal and destination first, it is not easy to deviate from starting a business. In addition, +SaaS is easier to empathize with users, and they look more like “expert” products.

Second, the state of the entrepreneurial team is always the same. The foundation of entrepreneurship is a human problem. Entrepreneurship does not require feelings, but because the goal is clear and consistent, it will always maintain the original intention and confidence; instead of doubting whether it is reliable or not while walking.

In the end, go to market will be smoother and faster. Where the user is and how to infiltrate, the entrepreneur has a clear mind. This can avoid the money-burning process of large-scale promotion.

Why is SaaS+ easy to fail?

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First of all, the track replication strategy of SaaS+, it is easy to mistake software products as the goal of business SaaS. In fact, software products only replicate the first half of the track; while the SaaS track has the second half, which is to use software to help customers achieve success .

Needless to say, domestic enterprises, even overseas SaaS users, are also difficult to land without services.

The inherent disadvantage of SaaS+ is that from the user’s point of view, they are more like something done by “laymen” or IT people, which is difficult to arouse users’ business pain points.

Secondly, the entrepreneurial team of SaaS+ also has passion at the beginning. But it is difficult to land due to the product’s landing and trying. And no amount of passion will be wiped out. And once you lose confidence in starting a business, you will be farther and farther away from success.

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