Why is it important to have a security certificate on a website

Surely you have heard about security certificates and the importance they have gained in recent years. But why is it important to have a security certificate on a website? Well, if you don’t know what SSL is and if you really need one for your website, pay close attention to this article where we answer all your questions and give some of its advantages. What is a security certificate or SSL?

A security certificate is nothing more and nothing less

than a form of secure browsing for your Slovenia Phone Number clients or users who visit your website. Thanks to SSL, users identify a website as secure and generate confidence when buying online or entering their personal data. With this certificate we ensure that customer data is encrypted and that no one else can use it. In addition, it is a way to comply with the general data protection regulation.

How to know if a website has a security certificate

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The way to identify if a website has a security certificate is very simple, all websites that have an SSL have their URL preceded by HTTPS . In contrast, non-secure sites appear as “non-secure site” or with a URL preceded by HTTP. For example: As can be seen, in addition to HTTPS, there is a padlock or a warning sign. Why is it important to have a security certificate?

Advantage Below we will detail some of the advantages of having an SSL certificate. Give users confidence: Your customers will know that it is a safe place to leave their personal data. Security against cyber attacks: It is a website that is more protected against hackers who can steal customer data. You differentiate yourself from competitors: It is a great differentiating point against the competition. If a user has to choose between buying on a website with HTTPS without it, they will do so in the safe. You comply with data protection regulations .

You position your website : Another important point is what Google thinks and for some time, Google gives priority to websites with a security certificate to position a certain keyword. I mean, it’s good for SEO . As you can see, the security certificate is a simple and economical step that you can carry out on your website and that brings great advantages.

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